Georges Perec
Life: A User's Manual


"Life: A User’s Manual" by Georges Perec (1936-1982) is a unique and significant phenomenon not only for French, but also for global literature. By the unusual and formal complexity of the construction, by the originality and ingenuity of the techniques, this work — both as an amazing project and as an amazing result - leads to a rethinking of the age-old tradition of the novel and at the same time sums up the literary experiments of the twentieth century. This novel is a complete and methodical description of a house in Paris with its objects and people-consists of an artfully constructed sequence of local "novels", a whole series of funny and sad, ordinary and extravagant stories, in which fates are intricately intertwined and exotic adventures, small incidents, monstrous crimes, curious cases, detective investigations, love dramas, comic coincidences, mysterious reincarnations, fatal delusions, as well as manic ideas and utopian projects are experienced. A book-game, a book-puzzle, a book-maze, a book-walk, which can be an unforgettable journey around the world and a deep immersion in yourself.

ISBN 978-5-889059-400-6