Laurent Binet


The novel "Civilizations" (2019) describes an alternative history of the discovery of America: the Incas, led by the legendary Atahualpa, arrive in the Old/The New World and become conquerors, political strategists, reformers — and even anthropologists when they try to decipher the rituals and adopt the customs of the indigenous peoples of Europe. The novel features Emperor Charles V and representatives of the royal dynasties of Europe in the first half of the XVI century, priest Martin Luther, banker Anton Fugger, thinkers Thomas More and Erasmus of Rotterdam, warrior and future writer Miguel de Cervantes. The author experiments by combining literary genres — Scandinavian epic, diaries, letters, poetry, adventurous novel. The book questions, if not refutes, our prejudices about the hierarchy of civilizations, while the author observes accuracy in the representation of the historical background of the events taking place.

ISBN 978-5-89059-421-1