Olga Sedakova
The Wisdom of Hope and other talks on Dante


Olga Sedakova's book "The Wisdom of Hope and other talks on Dante" continues her book "Translating Dante" (2020), but these are no longer questions of translating Dante into Russian, but a conversation about his "innate and insatiable thirst to understand", about Dante the thinker and poet theologian. The book is divided into three parts. The first section contains works directly related to the "Divine Comedy". Among them, we especially note the essay "Circle, Cross, Man", published for the first time, dedicated to Dante of Ravenna and his anthropology, unexpectedly consonant with early Christian thought. The second section includes works on the Italian context of Dante and on the presence of Dante in Russian poetry. The third small section includes translations of fragments from the "New Life" and takes us back to the beginning of the Dante way. All translations from Italian and other languages are made by the author. Almost all the essays included in the book are published either for the first time in Russian, or for the first time at all.

ISBN 978-5-89059-447-1