Boris Dubin
Semantic Vertical of Life: a book of interviews about Russian Politics and Culture of the 1990s -2000s


In 2021, the famous Russian sociologist and translator Boris Vladimirovich Dubin, a fine connoisseur of European culture, literature and poetry, a public intellectual, author of several hundred works, winner of numerous prizes in Russia and abroad, would have turned 75. In the circle of Russian humanities, he is known primarily as a sociologist of the Levada Center, who worked in the research paradigm of Yuri Levada. He is known to a wide range of readers as a first-class translator of poetry and prose - Spanish, French, English, Hungarian, Polish. Many authors who made up the color of the European culture of the twentieth century became available to the Russian reader thanks to Boris Dubin. The book of his interviews is a document of the era and a valuable resource, a source of understanding and interpretation of Russian reality and public consciousness of the 1990s-2000s, a panoramic view of late Soviet and post-Soviet history. In the interview, the analytical language of Boris Dubin's description was formed, accurate and acute diagnoses of time developed in his sociological research, and translation intuitions were shaped into the ethos and philosophy of translation.

ISBN 978-5-89059-450-1