Sacha Batthyany
And what does that have to do with me? A crime committed in March 1945. My family history


In 2007, journalist Sasha Battiani (b. 1973), a descendant of a noble Hungarian family, learns that his great-aunt, Countess Margit ThyssenBattiani, was involved in the massacre in Rechnitz, where 180 Hungarian Jews were killed in March 1945. Unraveling the tangle of family history, he is faced with another mystery and is looking for its solution. Behind the search for truth and the history of the family, questions arise that are relevant to everyone: what impact do the events that happened seventy years ago have on us? Does what our parents and grandparents did or didn't do leave an imprint on our lives? What would we do in such circumstances? In 2016, the book was nominated for the Swiss Book Award, in 2018 it reached the final of the Ryszard Kapuszczynski Prize, which is awarded in Warsaw for the best book in the genre of literary reportage.

ISBN 978-5-89059-416-7