Andrzej Bobkowski
Wartime Notebooks: France, 1940-1944


The diary of four war years spent by the author in France has become one of the main Polish books of the XX century. In it, Bobkovsky recorded the development of military events and diagnosed the European crisis in a catastrophic way, revealing considerable insight. Andrzej Bobkowski (1913-1961) - writer, publicist. In March 1939, he left for Paris with his wife. He worked at a weapons factory near Paris and was evacuated with him to the south of France. In 1940 he returned to Paris and continued working at the factory. During the German occupation he took part in the Resistance movement. After the war, he was one of the most important employees of the magazine "Culture", the main printing organ of the Polish emigration, which contributed to changes in Poland. It was under the auspices of "Culture" that his war diary was published. In 1948 Bobrovsky went to Guatemala and opened an aircraft model shop there. He wrote several books, including a rich epistolary.

ISBN 978-5-89059-425-9