Jan Tomas Gross, Aleksandra Pavlicka
...a long time ago, it seems last Friday...


Jan T. Gross (b. 1947) is a historian who played a huge role in the painful public discussion that began in the second half of the 1980s and is far from over, concerning the role that Poles played in the extermination of the Jewish population of Poland during the Holocaust. Gross was the first to publish historical facts about the mass extermination of Jews by Poles. After the publication in 2000 of his book "Neighbors" about the events in Jedwabne, an investigation was launched, and in 2002 Polish President Alexander Kwasniewski issued an official apology to the Jewish people. The published book of conversations is not only a return to painful topics, but also an interesting biography of the historian against the background of history itself: the interview-river illuminates the entire life path of Gross, inextricably linked with the dramatic events in Poland of the second half of the twentieth century (youth opposition, 1968, emigration; studies in the history of the Holocaust, the history of writing books that excite public consciousness).

ISBN 978-5-89059-411-2