Patrick Barbier
Farinelli. Renaissance Greatest Castrato


The 18th century is the golden age of musical baroque and the triumph of castrato vocalists. The book is dedicated to the greatest of them — Carlo Broschi, known around the world as Farinelli. A native of the South, thanks to his talent and hard work, he conquered the whole Italy with his art. Then, at the invitation of the Spanish Queen Isabella, Farnese moved to Spain to relieve the suffering of the seriously ill king Philip V with divine singing (the singer's voice took three octaves and had incredible flexibility), and after his death became a confidant of his son, king Ferdinand VI and his wife Maria Barbara. A unique vocalist, perhaps the most influential figure at the Spanish court, the owner of a huge fortune, a knight of the Order of Calatrava, the closest friend of the great poet Metastasio, spent twenty-two years in Madrid. The last twenty years of his life were spent in Bologna, where the whole elite of Europe, from Mozart to Casanova, visited. For the first time, the author meticulously recreates the biography of Farinelli from documents and letters of his contemporaries.

ISBN 978-5-89059-405-1