Gennady Gor
Pieces of river. Selected prose: 1925-1945. Siege Poems: 1942-1944


Gennady Gor (1907-1981) was a well-known Leningrad science fiction writer, author of popular science essays and novels for young people; original prose writer, who wrote a lot about the small peoples of Russia; one of the early Soviet Leningrad modernists of the 1920s; author of shatteringly frank poems, one of the most terrible and exciting texts of the besieged Leningrad. For half a century in Soviet literature, Gor was repeatedly forced to change the trajectory of the writer's route, differently remembered by different generations of readers, but in the posthumous period he managed to literally turn his literary biography around. This edition includes Gore's early prose, selected short stories from the 1930s, two novellas — 1929 and 1945, and the siege cyclus. For all their differences, these texts undoubtedly bear witness to each other, form a common space in which the naive formal experiment of the 1920s and the absolute limit of language and subjectivity in breaking the blockade are refracted in a multitude of reflections.

ISBN 978-5-89059-404-4