Pascal Bruckner
A Brief Eternity: The Philosophy of Longevity


Human life? "Lonely, poor, dirty, bestial and brief," wrote the philosopher Thomas Hobbes, a pessimist of the classical era. Since then, everything or almost everything has changed. Solidarity, abundance and hygiene took over. First of all, existence ceased to be brief — a silent but essential revolution took place. In 1750, only 7-8% of the French celebrated their 60th anniversary. Today, every newborn has a chance to live up to 100 years. Bruckner explores the existential questions that have arisen in connection with the increase in the length of human life. The reflections of a brilliant intellectual will undoubtedly deepen the topic, which is just being discussed in Russia. Pascal Bruckner (b. 1948) is a philosopher and writer. Winner of the Medici, Renaudot and Montaigne Prizes. After receiving his doctorate in French under the supervision of Yulia Kristeva, he defended his dissertation on sexual emancipation under the supervision of Roland Barthes. He taught at the Paris Institute of Political Studies and at universities in the USA.

ISBN 978-5-89059-415-0