Complied by Igor Belov

Modern Polish poets
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-446-4

Katarzyna Szewczyk-Haake

The thorns of Grunewald. Not only about ekphrasis
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-448-8

Simone Weil

Notebooks. Vol. 4: July 1942 – August 1943
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-269-9

Miljenko Jergović

Ruta Tannenbaum
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-451-8

Vsevolod Petrov

Turdean Manon Lescaut. Diary 1942-1945
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-452-5

Anna Radlova

The Tale of Tatarinova. Sectarian texts
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-453-2

Dominique Fortier

Cities on Paper. Life of Emily Dickinson
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-455-6

Oxana Timofeeva

This is not that
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-456-3

Victor Krivulin

Angel of War
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-461-7

Alexander Sobolev

The shadow behind the right shoulder
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-464-8

Translated by Roman Dubrovkin

Leda and the swan. English, Irish and American poets
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-467-9

Italian poetry between the XX and XXI centuries

Compiled by Umberto Piersanti
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-470-9

Irena Grudzińska Gross

Milosz and the Long Shadow of War
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-471-6

Eva Neiss

Lotte Lenya: the song of life
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-468-6

Gennady Barabtarlo

Translucent Palimpsest: stories, essays and notes
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-474-7

Alban Nikolai Herbst

Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-473-0

Witold Gombrowicz

Testament: conversations with Dominique de Roux
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-472-3

Translated by Roman Shmarakov

The Three Princes of Serendip
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-476-1

Ksenia Golubovich

Postmodern in paradise. About the work of Olga Sedakova
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-477-8

Complied by Yury Leving

Poetry of late. Chronicle
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-480-8

Vera Markova

While the earth stands: selected poems and translations
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-478-5

Józef Maria Ruszar

Mene tekel fares. Images of God in the works of Tadeusz Różewicz
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-460-0