Aleksei Vostrikov.

A Book about Dueling in Russia.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-017-0

Size 135х200 mm.
278 pages
3000 copies

Leonid Girshovich.

The Price.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-013-8

Size 164х210 mm.
408 pages, hard cover.
3000 copies

Lev Rubinshtein.

The Language Episodes.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-015-4

Size 130х220 mm.
79 pages,
3000 copies

Mikhail A. Kuzmin.

The Diary of 1934.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-016-2

Size 145х180 mm.
415 pages,
hard cover.
3000 copies

Timur Kibirov.

Selected Epistles.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-014-6

Size 130х165 mm.
152 pages,
5000 copies

Viacheslav Kuritsyn.

The Journalism.1993-1997.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-020-0

Size 165х255 mm.
200 pages,
4000 copies