A.A. Izmailov.

The Crooked Mirror.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-023-5

Size 165х200 mm
336 pages.
1000 copies

Alexander Genis.

Informashion ISBN 5-89059-017-0

Size 128х218 mm.
96 pages.
1500 copies

Gertrud von Lefort.

St Veronica's shawl. Shot stories.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-016-2

Size 105х175 mm
480 pages.
2000 copies

Guillaume Apollinaire.

The Putrid Enchanter. The Assassinated Poet.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-024-3

Size 130х165 mm
240 pages.
2000 copies

Jean Coteau.

Portraits - Memories. 1900-1914.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-006-5

Size 105х165 mm
240 pages.
3000 copies

Lena Silard.

Germetism and germeneutics.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-036-7

Size 140х215 mm
328 pages.
500 copies

Sirano De Bergeraq.

Other light, or the States and Empires of the Moon.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-011-1

Size 135х172 mm.
248 pages.
3000 copies

Tatjana L. Nikolskaja.

Avant-garde and environs.
Informashion ISBN 5-89059-010-3

Size 140х215 mm.
320 pages.
1000 copies