Roberto Calasso

Literature and the Gods
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-346-7

Maxim Osipov

101th kilometer. Sketches of life in province
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-348-1

Hans Magnus Enzensberger

The Sinking of the Titanic
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-349-8

Andrei Babikov

Perusing Vladimir Nabokov: Studies and materials
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-350-4

Olga Shnyrova

Suffragettes in the history and culture of Great Britain
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-351-1

Sergey Stratanovskiy

Selected poems 1968-2018
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-352-8

Zygmunt Buaman, Leonidas Donskis

Moral Blindness: The Loss of Sensitivity in Liquid Modernity
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-355-9

Zygmunt Buaman, Leonidas Donskis

Liquid evil
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-354-2

Vladimir Bibikhin — Olga Sedakova

And the word answers the word. Letters (1992–2004)
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-356-6

Laurent Binet

The Seventh Function of Language
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-378-8

Ioan Petru Culianu

Eros and Magic in the Renaissance
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-353-5

Gustaw Herling-Grudziński

A World Apart: Imprisonment in a Soviet Labor Camp During World War II
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-362-7

Polina Barskova

Living pictures
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-361-0

Michel Vergé-Franceschi, Anna Moretti

An Erotic History Of Versailles
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-363-4

Czesław Miłosz

The Issa Valley
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-364-1

Complied by Oleg Yuriev

Leningrad Chrestomathy: a small anthology of great Leningrad poems
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-414-3

Luis de Góngora

Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-414-3

Alexander Ilichevsky

Imagining the World
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-369-6

Jean-Pierre Dupuy

A Short Treatise on the Metaphysics of Tsunamis
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-370-2

Ralph Dutli

Dear Olive: A little cultural history
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-371-9

Ralph Dutli

Song of Honey A Cultural History of the bee
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-372-6

Simone Weil

Notebooks (February-June 1942)
Informashion ISBN 978-5-89059-360-3