Luis de Góngora


The book is the first to present in Russian a complete literary translation of the "Soledades" (Poem of Solitude) by the great Spanish Baroque poet Luis de Gongora y Argote (1561-1627) in a masterly translation by Pavel Grushko. The work of Gongora (the name gongorism became a kind of synonym for Baroque literature) profoundly influenced the development of the Spanish language and literary process. Everything written by the poet (no books were published during his lifetime; poems were copied by hand and published only in anthologies) entered the classical canon of Spanish literature. The celebration of the 300th anniversary of the death of Gongora was an act of unity of famous artists and poets, led by Federico Garcia Lorca; the group was called the "generations of 1927". The publication also includes other works of Gongora, as well as articles, glossaries and notes to the texts prepared by the translator, which will help the reader to perceive the unique dark style of Gongora's poems. "Gongora was the first who dared to defend the dark, and not because of his style, but because he saw it as an aesthetic beginning." Emilio Orozco Diaz "It is difficult to find in the observable space of Spanish poetry a figure more peculiar. Inconsistency and integrity. Folklore purity and scholarly pretentiousness. Childish vulnerability and caustic sarcasm." Pavel Grushko

ISBN 978-5-89059-414-3