Sergey Stratanovskiy
Selected poems 1968-2018


“Sergey Stratanovskiy wrote his first poems in the late sixties, and these were already pieces of a formed, original author”, in 1970s “together with the poems of his allies and friends – Elena Schwartz, Victor Krivulin and Alexander Mironov – they became almost the main content of Russian poetry of that time of the Leningrad origin, its purest air” (Mikhail Aizenberg). “Stratanovskiy’s poems are like endless attempts doomed to failure of a man that saw the light to tell about it to the blind. Attempts to tell about the upcoming or perhaps already going disaster to those who can’t see it, who die in darkness not understanding why and what for. In the world, expressed by Stratanobskiy, it is impossible to live, but it seems like it is exactly the same world that surrounds us every day, but we can’t distinguish its terrible background which the poet sees through iridescent tissue of the daily life” (Victor Krivulin).

ISBN 978-5-89059-352-8