Translated by Roman Dubrovkin
Leda and the swan. English, Irish and American poets


This book is the result of forty five years of work by Roman Dubrovkin, one of the most important translators of poetry, known for his transcriptions of Western European classics from the Renaissance to the twentieth century. The collection "Leda and the Swan" includes selected works by eight famous poets of England, Ireland and the USA — T. Moore, P. B. Shelley, G. Longfellow, E. Poe, T. Hardy, R. Kipling, W. B. Yeats, R. Frost. The poems are published in the original language with parallel Russian texts.

"The selection of names, the selection of works for translation is a subjective process dictated solely by the translator's taste, his artistic preferences. This approach, which is extremely far from scientific, allows, with a small volume of the book, to move away from the textbook idea of a particular poet, to discover something new in a familiar author, to discover a little-known facet of his work." Roman Dubrovkin

ISBN 978-5-89059-467-9