Ralph Dutli
Gold of Dreams: Cultural history of a divine and demonized metal


"The Gold of Dreams" is the final part of the Ralph Dutley trilogy, which includes "The Wondrous Olive" and "The Song of Honey". Starting his story with how gold came to Earth as a result of the collision of neutron stars, the author traces the history of its interaction with man in different epochs, on different continents. Not limited to its material aspect, Dutli writes about the trace this story has left in culture, recalls ancient myths, folk tales, classical and modern works of literature, music and fine art. The book ends with a small anthology "The Gold of Poetry".

Ralph Dutli (b. 1954) is a Swiss philologist, poet, translator, author of the biography of Osip Mandelstam, who prepared for publication the Complete works of the poet in German. He also translated works by Marina Tsvetaeva and Joseph Brodsky.

The translation of the book was carried out with the support of the Swiss Council for Culture "PRO HELVETIA".

ISBN 978-5-89059-466-2