Georgy Demidov
Collected works in six volumes. Volume 2. Orange Lampshade: Three stories about the thirty-seventh


Georgy Georgievich Demidov (1908-1987) — physicist, Landau student, prisoner of the Kolyma camps, an outstanding Russian writer, author of short stories and novels about the life of GULAG prisoners.

In the publishing program of the GULAG History Museum and the Memory Foundation, together with the Ivan Limbach Publishers, with the participation of the V.I. Dahl Museum of the History of Russian Literature and the "Vozvrascheniye" publishing house, a collection of works is published George Demidov in 6 volumes.

The 2nd volume "Orange Lampshade" includes three stories about the thirty-seventh (about the time of the Great Terror — the period of mass political repression): "Fone kvass", "Orange Lampshade", "Two prosecutors" and previously unpublished materials of G. G. Demidov's investigative cases.

ISBN 978-5-89059-443-3