Translated by Roman Shmarakov
The Three Princes of Serendip


"The Three Princes of Serend" is an anonymous collection of Italian fairy tales, published in 1557 and enjoyed European fame. It became a source of motifs that are found in a variety of literary works — from Voltaire's "Zadig" to Umberto Eco's "The Name of the Rose". According to the plot, three young princes from Serendip (the ancient name of Sri Lanka) go on a journey to learn the customs of other peoples and learn wisdom. In their wanderings, they meet proud sultans, beautiful queens and insidious wizards, solve clever riddles and, thanks to their insight, save kingdoms from destruction. Magical transformations coexist here with moral instructions, violence and cruelty — with arguments in favor of humility and piety.

The publication was carried out with the support of Katerina Dmitrieva (Ivan Limbach Publishing House Friends Club).

ISBN 978-5-89059-476-1