Complied by Yury Leving
Poetry of late. Chronicle


"Poetry of late" is a documentary evidence of the actual literary process at the breaking point of Russian culture, when poetic texts, like flags on a map, mark the scale of a humanitarian catastrophe. Written from February to July 2022, the poems are a kind of chronicle of the comprehension of collective trauma by artistic means. More than a hundred authors reflect on modern history, responsibility for what is happening and the metamorphoses of the Russian language in a changing reality.

From the compiler's preface:

"Russian poetry since the time of Pushkin has been learning to maneuver between the Scylla of Censorship and the Charybdis of the secret police. There have been epochs in the history of Russia when such a skill helped to escape even from prison: the time of the Aesopian language, I want to believe, has not yet returned, and an artistic statement — no matter how sharp it may seem — has the right to a "safe-conduct" by right of belonging to the traditions of Russian literature".

ISBN 978-5-89059-480-8