Georgy Demidov
Collected works in six volumes. Volume 3. Love behind the barbed wire: novels and short stories


Georgy Georgievich Demidov (1908-1987) — physicist, Landau student, prisoner of the Kolyma camps, an outstanding Russian writer, author of short stories and stories about the life of GULAG prisoners.

This volume includes novels and stories about that high feeling that seemed impossible in the Kolyma penal servitude — about the tragic and doomed camp love. The book also includes previously unpublished materials of investigative cases — declassified sentences handed down to Demidov in 1938 and 1946.

"In two published books by Georgy Demidov about the pernicious existence of millions of our fellow citizens in the Kolyma camps, it seems that all variants of the life of a person freezing in the Kolyma snows without guilt and reason are told. Only love remained indescribable — not the one that is forever separated from the arrested person along with his house, but the one that timidly and dimly blooms on the permafrost." Marietta Chudakova

ISBN 978-5-6046508-3-7