Simone Weil
Notebooks. Vol. 4: July 1942 – August 1943


The fourth and final volume of Simone Weil's Notebooks contains texts relating to the last year of the philosopher's life — from the beginning of emigration to the deathbed illness, which prevented her ardent desire to give her life for the freedom of France in the armed struggle against the Nazis. In addition to the Notebooks themselves, a number of articles of religious, political and even military content are included. The mystical tension, the pathos of the preacher and the readiness for a martyr's end are combined here with a balanced and insightful political analysis; the pursuit of the absolute Good, proclaimed as the only goal, with ideas and proposals, the sound practical sense of which has been confirmed by time and experience. The volume is complemented by a conversation between the translator and literary critic Olga Balla.

ISBN 978-5-89059-269-9