Ksenia Golubovich
Postmodern in paradise. About the work of Olga Sedakova


The book by literary critic and writer Ksenia Golubovich is dedicated to the work of poet, essayist, theologian Olga Alexandrovna Sedakova. Articles from different years are united by an internal theme: postmodernism as the possibility of a new sublime. To study this topic, the author had to develop new approaches to the poetic text, especially since Olga Sedakova's poems are a magnet that inevitably changes the mode of speech about poetry after the catastrophes of the twentieth century. Demonstrating the change in the very way of thinking about poetry in the light of Olga Sedakova's texts is undoubtedly one of the main tasks of this book.

"Postmodernity — that is, what is after modernity — in its minimal effort means: much of what was is no longer possible, and in its maximum condition: everything that was is possible, but in a different way. And how? Yes, by some miracle - white on white. In the case of Olga Sedakova — from my point of view — a miracle happens. If a miracle does not happen, then we meet with a rigid, ironic and firm obstacle in the way of any large narratives, uncritical, sentimental constructions, mass ideologies. And if we get into a miracle, then we will be able to find an answer to the challenge that the twentieth century has thrown at our humanity, we will be able to see a certain new dignity of man, his new purpose." Ksenia Golubovich

ISBN 978-5-89059-477-8