Polina Barskova
The Seventh Lye: Texts and fates of the Blockade Poets


The conversation about the blockade letter is necessary at least in order to witness: already during the blockade disaster, a huge, multi-purpose and multi-genre work of literature was carried out to describe, understand, and reflect the blockade experience. Restoring this work today, we turn to the task of creating a language that can speak about the blockade not by surviving it, but by being responsible for it and not wanting it to be completely forgotten. Studying the work of the blockade poets, we see that they were looking for a language that would assuage the pain of the victim of history and capture history, trying to reconcile these distant tasks. Polina Barskova's book "The Seventh Lye" was shortlisted for the "NOS. New Literature", the VOLGA/NOS Awards and the Academy of Critics Award.

ISBN 978-5-89059-486-0