Compiled by Anselm Lenz, Alvaro Rodrigo Pigna Auteuil
The end to abstinence! A book about bars, cocktails, self-aggrandizement and the beauty of decadence


This book is a product that was born not at a desk, but at the Golem bar in Hamburg's Fish Market — a favorite place for the exchange of ideas of the local intellectual bohemians. The compilers of the collection — the founders of "Golem" German playwright Anselm Lenz and a native of Chile art manager Alvaro Rodrigo Pinha Autey. The nature of the texts included in the collection varies from serious and thorough to exalted and pathetic, and their genre palette ranges from detective stories to cultural essays. Equipped with twelve cocktail recipes from the ones served in the "Golem", the book is intended to serve as an intellectual companion of the modern dandy through the ghostly worlds created by this or that alcoholic drink. In addition, this is a universal guide to recreating the atmosphere of courtly drinking culture at home.

ISBN 978-5-89059-376-4