Dick Swaab
Our Creative Brains


In the book "We are our brain", which became a bestseller in fifteen countries, neuroscientist Dick Swaab described how the brain we receive at birth determines our lives. The new book focuses on the creative abilities of the brain, which have made it possible to create the most complex environment around us, which also affects the development of the brain. Brain research develops not only new treatment strategies and measures to prevent its diseases, but also constantly causes more public consequences for school education, judicial practice, and politics. The results of the study of the brain can contribute to the necessary destigmatization of neurological and mental diseases. The book once again reveals Swaab's unsurpassed talent for speaking about complex things in an accessible language. The book contains the author's selection of illustrations. Dick Swaab (b. 1944) is a world-renowned scientist who leads a group of researchers at the Netherlands Institute of Neuroscience, and for almost thirty years (1978-2005) headed the Netherlands Institute of the Brain. Professor at the University of Amsterdam and Zhejiang University in Hangzhou (China). The publisher is grateful for the support of the Dutch Foundation for Literature. Scientific Consultant Valery Goncharuk, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor (University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada).

ISBN 978-5-89059-380-1