Orbis Pictus
A small collection of the essays on art


Geroges Perec. An Enchanted Eye. (From the French)
On the phenomenon of illusion.

Roland Barthes. Arcimboldo or Rhetorician and Magician. (From the French)
On the language of the famous Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s “assembled heads”.

Ekaterina Andreeva. The Order of the Unsoldable Painters.
On the existential sources of the Leningrad Underground painting (Alexander Arefyev, Richard Vasmi and Sholom Shvartz).

Pyotr Vail. In the Beginning. Giotto.
On the sources of a portrayal truth in European painting.

Grigory Amelin. The Meninas of Velazquez: a Picture in a Picture.
On the self-generating composition of a famous masterpiece.