Andreas Tеnnesmann
Monopoly. Das Spiel, die Stadt und das Gl?ck (Monopoly. Game, City and Luck)


Art historian Andreas Tönnesmann narrates the history of the Monopoly game, linking the socio-economic situation in the beginning of the 20th century, architecture and the spirit of game peculiar to the capitalism (a blend of concurrence, tough-mindedness and belief in luck). Tönnesmann brings the reader back to the epoch when Monopoly appeared and tells the success story of its inventor Charles Darrow. The author shows, that Monopoly is a city in which contradictory economic phenomena are compound with a personal utopia and artificial economic system. Further still, the Monopoly reflects some geometric society, the «ideal city» as if imagined by Thomas More, or Albrecht Dürer, or Frank Lloyd.

ISBN 978-5-89059-192-0