George Perec
La Vie mode d’emploi (Life A User’s Manual)


«A life A User’s Manual» by George Perec is a unique and meaningful phenomenon not only of French, but also of the world literature. This work, both as a surprising project, and as an amazing result, with its novelty and formal complexity of construction, originality and ingenuity of artistical devices, leads to a reconsideration of an age-old novel tradition and at the same time brings an original resume to the literary experiments of the ХХ century. Perec’s novel – a complete and methodical description of the Parisian house, its stuff and inmates – consists of skilfully built sequence of local «novels». It’s a whole train of ridiculous and sad, ordinary and extravagant stories. There are fancifully intertwined destinies and exotic adventures, small incidents, monstrous crimes, funny cases, detective investigations, love dramas, comic coincidences, mysterious transformations, fatal errors, maniacal ideas and utopian projects. This book is a game, a puzzle, a labyrinth and a walk. A walk which could appear both an unforgettable round the world tour and deep self-immersion.

ISBN 978-5-89059-138-8