Rudi Westendorp
Oud worden zonder het te zijn (Growing older without feeling old)


If we look at how the course of human life has changed, two recent develop­ments stand out: more people than ever are growing old, and far
more people than ever are growing older. What are the causes of these new developments? Has modern science found the key to eternal life? And what
do longer life spans mean for the way we organize our societies? How can older people best prepare themselves for living considerably longer?
Growing Older Without Growing Old is a fascinating study by one of the Nether­lands’ most prominent experts in geriatric medicine. By combining
medical, biologi­cal, economic and sociological insights, Rudi Westendorp manages to answer the above questions in a single coherent argument. He
covers practically all relevant topics: the rhythm of life, ageing as illness, increasing life expectancy, the quality of life in old age and what to expect in the future.

ISBN 978-5-89059-284-2