Mikhail A. Kuzmin.
The Diary of 1908-1915.


The diary of Mikhail Kuzmin (1872–1936), Russian poet of the Silver Age, is a precious source of information concerning the culture of the epoch. This volume is the last one to contain the pre-revolutionary diary or at least what remains from it.
The volume includes a detailed commentary by N. A. Bogomolov and S. V. Shumikhin.

ISBN 5-89059-068-5

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The edition is prepared by leading specialists in the history of Russian literature of the early 20th century - Nikolai Bogomolov and Sergei Shumikhin.

Designed by D. and S. Plaksins.


ISBN 5-89059-068-5

Size 140х230 mm.
864 pages, hard cover.
2000 copies